It is true that PLAN participants have gone on to hold influential roles at our university. Chiefs of Staff, Assistant Vice Chancellors, Associate and Assistant Deans, Directors and Senior Directors are just a few of the roles PLAN alumni fill.

Far more important than the title, is being well-prepared for the opportunity to shape the university’s future and having the skill set to execute. PLAN helps you prepare for those opportunites. PLAN helps you develop the skills to execute. Then it is up to you to make it happen.

Browse through the list of cohorts and see how PLAN alumni are contributing today.


2019 PLAN Cohort

Gena McClendon
Project Director, Center for Social Development

Nicole Gore
Assistant Dean & Academic Coordinator, Arts & Sciences

Peter Cramer
Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs/Lecturer in Law, International Programs

Deborah Stine
Senior Director of Development, Arts & Sciences, Alumni & Development Programs

Christine Livingston
Business Manager, Division of Student Affairs, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Jessica Kuchta-Miller
Staff Ombudsperson, EVC Administration

Emily Shepherd
Manager Business / Research Operations, Surgery BSO

Maggie Konich Fiock
Director, Arts & Sciences Data Analysis, Arts & Sciences

Courtney Brewster
Associate Director, College Prep Program, Government & Community Relations

Micah Zeller
Head of Scholarly Communications, Olin Library

Rachel Komeshak
IT Project Manager, Institute for Informatics

Ashby Tyler
Director, Information Technology, Brown School

Amanda Pope
Director, HR Communications and Employee Engagement, Human Resources

Raji Laxman
Business Analyst Lead, WashU IT – Enterprise Applications

Elizabeth Fogt
Director of Advising and Student Services, University College

Christopher Ramsay
Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Admissions, Engineering Student Services

Audrey Treece
Architecture & Urban Design Program Manager, School of Architecture

Melanie Roewe
Associate Vice Chancellor Research Development & Contracts, Joint Research Office for Contracts

Joyce Montgomery
Director of Administration, Olin Business School

Mark Hume
Assistant Director of Engineering, Building Services

Kim Webb
Director, RSVP, Student Support & Wellness

Jennifer Mosher
Program Coordinator, Internal Medicine – Infectious Diseases

Denise Leonard
Associate Director, Graduate Student & Post Doc Programs, Teaching Center

Jacqueline Carter
Graduate Program Registrar & Student Affairs Advisor, Olin Business School

Amy Reily
Assistant Business Manager, The Genome Institute

Thomas Walker
Computer Systems Manager – User Services, School of Engineering

Ty Davisson
Director, Emergency Management, School of Medicine

2017 PLAN Cohort

Victoria Anwuri
Associate Director of the Institute for Public Health

Sarah Bobmeyer
Associate Director of the Brown School Evaluation Center

Damon Braggs
Business Director for Anesthesiology, WUSM

Pamela Campbell
Managing Director of Hedged Strategies

Jason Clevenger
Applications Architect, Washington University IT-Enterprise

Ted Elsas
Senior Director of Digital Communications, Public Affairs

Lathon Ferguson
Manager of Communication & Diversity Outreach, Human Resources

Keith Fortmann
Associate Vice Chancellor for Regional Development Programs

Yoon Groves
Associate Director of Academic Advising & Student Affairs, Olin Business School

Cheryl Holland
Education Librarian; Olin Library

Jessica Kennedy
Title IX Coordinator

Dan Kinzel
Executive Director of Business Affairs, Department of Radiation Oncology

Dorothy Kittner
Assistant Dean and Director of Corporate Relations, Olin Business School

Cynthia Marich
Program Manager, Institute for Informatics

Jacqueline Martinez Pullen
Chief of Staff and Assistant Dean, Brown School

Christy Matteuzzi
Executive Coordinator for Institutional Research and Support, WUSM

Daniel Miller
Senior Director of Development, Brown School

Richard Payton
Associate Director of the Learning Center, Cornerstone

Michelle Repice
Assistant Director of the Teaching Center

Cassaundra Sigaran
Director of New Media Strategy, Public Affairs

Lisa Stevenson
Assistant Dean for Diversity & Inclusion, WUSM

Aimee Wittman
Director of Career Center- Student Affairs

Laura Williams
Senior Research Administrator- Neuropsychology

2015 PLAN Cohort

Aaron Addison
Director, GIS and Data Services, University Libraries

Robert Blaine
Director of Medical Public Policy, Government and Community Relations

Amy Borah
Director of Clinical Operations, Cardiovascular Division in the Department of Medicine

Koong-Nah Chung
Associate Dean & Director, Officce of Medical Student Research, School of Medicine

Rudolph Clay
Head of Library Diversity Initiatives & Outreach, Olin Library

Tia Drake
Executive Director for Graduate Medical Education

Deborah Frank
Scientific Editor, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Nadia Ghasedi
Head of Visual Media Research Lab, Olin Library

Heather Hageman
Director of Educational Planning and Program Assessment, Director, Standardized Patient Programming, Office of Education, School of Medicine

Elenore Brook Haley
Creative Services Director and Designer, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Jamie Hansen
Executive Director of Regional Development Programs, Alumni & Development, Danforth Campus

Debra Harp
Director of Administration, Habif Health and Wellness Center

Phyllis Jackson
Assistant Director for Event Management, Danforth University Center and Event Management

Lissa Johnson
Director of Administration, Center for Social Development, Brown School

Tamara King
Associate Dean of Students & Director of Student Conduct, Office of Student Affairs

Stephanie Kurtzman
Director, Community Service Office /Associate Director, Gephardt Institute for Public Service

Paige LaRose
Director of Student Development and Strategic Initiatives, Olin Business School

Jennie Marchal
Associate Director, Employer Relations, Career Center

Ebba Segerberg
Director of Communications, Arts & Sciences

Wilmetta Toliver-Diallo
Assistant Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Phil Valko
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Sustainability, Office of Sustainability

Lisa Wiland
Director, Institutional Research & Analysis, Office of the Provost

Carl Williams
Academic Advisor & Financial Aid Coordinator, University College

Mary Zabriskie
Assistant Director of Campus Life, Student Involvement & Leadership

2012 PLAN Cohort

Nicole E. Allen
Special Assistant to the Dean, Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts

Danielle F. Bristow
Director of First Year Center Programs, First Year Center

Pete R.G. Coser
Program Manager, Buder Center for American Indian Studies

James R. Craig 
Professor and Chair, Department of Military Science

Beth Elliott
Manager of Financial Operations and Admissions, Program in Audiology and Communication Sciences

LaShawnda N. Fields
Diversity in Retention Coordinator, Cornerstone: The Center for Advanced Learning

Ben Geers
Director of Information Technology, Brown School

Jennifer L. Harpring
Program Manager and Facilitator, Gephardt Institute for Public Service

Leslie R. Heusted
Director of the Danforth University Center & Event Management, Campus Life

Diana M. Hill
Assistant Dean and Academic Coordinator, College of Arts & Sciences

Martha F. Jones
Executive Director, Human Research Protection Office

Heidi Klosterman
JD, Associate General Counsel, Office of the Vice Chancellor and General Counsel

Rachel C. Linck
Administrative Officer in the Department of Chemistry, College of Arts & Sciences

Kelli R. Lively
Assistant Director of Analysis & Communications, Student Financial Services

Jessica R. Martin
Executive Director of Strategic Communications, Public Affairs

Sean McWilliams
Assistant Dean and Academic Coordinator, College of Arts & Sciences

Carol D. Moakley
Associate Director of Career Development, Career Center

Nancy B. Mueller
Associate Director, Institute for Public Health

Susan A. Plassmeyer
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Administration and Development Services, Alumni & Development

Anne M. Posega
Head of Special Collections, Washington University Libraries

Rochelle Smith
Director of Diversity, Summer Programs and Community Outreach, Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences

Hoang-Anh Tran
Executive Assistant to the Dean, Washington University School of Law

Li Zou
International Director, Center for Social Development, Brown School

2011 PLAN Cohort

Michael Altepeter
Director of Facilities Planning, School of Engineering & Applied Science

Jaydee Amoloza
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Admissions, School of Engineering & Applied Science Student Services

Cris Baldwin
Assistant Dean and Registrar, Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts

Trevor Bilhorn
Registrar, College of Arts & Sciences

Tara Bone
Special Projects Director, Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration

Kathy Brock
Assistant Director of Mental Health Services, Student Health Services

Mary Campbell
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Real Estate

Liz Cheves
Executive Director for Major Gifts & Capital Projects, Alumni & Development

Jonathan Cohen
Human Resources Manager, College of Arts & Sciences

Siomari Collazo-Colón
Director of Research Administration, Brown School

Brian Fiedler
Senior Director of Development, Parents Programs & Athletics, Alumni & Development

Harvey Fields
Assistant Director for Academic Programs, Cornerstone: The Center for Advanced Learning

Cathleen FitzGibbon
Business Development Specialist, Career Center

Pamela Fournie
Director of Financial Systems Development, Reporting, Analysis, and Planning Systems Project

Cathy Freesmeier
Director of Institutional Research & Planning, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences

Natalie Goodwin-Frank
Manager of Operations & Grants, Photosynthetic Antenna Research Center at I-CARES

Mike Hayes
Executive Director of Campus Life

Ken Keller
Director of Arts & Sciences Computing, College of Arts & Sciences

James Kolker
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Campus Planning, Facilities

Steve Malter
Assistant Dean for Student Development, Olin Business School

Sheri Notaro
Associate Dean of the Graduate School, College of Arts & Sciences

Ellen Rostand
Assistant Vice Chancellor for University Initiatives

Andrew Rouner
Director of the Digital Library, Olin Library

Craig Schaefer
Director of Application Development Support, Information Systems & Technology

Christine Street
Assistant Director of Disability Resources, Cornerstone: The Center for Advanced Learning

Martha Turner
Associate Director, Office for International Students and Scholars

Kim Walker
Chief Investment Officer